Length:150 mm
Weight:101 g
Handcrafted in the Swiss Alps and designed to elevate your culinary experience, our Universal Knife is your new favourite kitchen tool. Whether you’re slicing through crusty baguettes, dicing vegetables, or effortlessly cutting through juicy tomatoes, this knife delivers exceptional performance. Smooth slicing without crushing delicate


Swedish Alleima 14c28n steel with a hardness of 60 (±1) HRC, cryogenic heat treatment allows maximum cutting performance to be achieved.


This series with a tang inserted and riveted in a resistant stainless steel ring allows great stability and perfect balancing which, combined with a walnut wood handle, gives an ergonomic grip, very versatile and designed to reduce fatigue during use. Sanded and finished with oil.


After each use, wash it with warm water and dry it. It is recommended to wash the knife by hand to avoid deteriorating the material and ruining the sharpness.

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